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We Got The Jazz: New Beats, Classic Samples Workshop

Blue Note Records is an American record label pioneering the world of jazz since 1939. Responsible for the release of acclaimed records from artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, and Duke Ellington.  In 2014 they partnered with Sonos to celebrate the legacy of their historic catalog by creating a unique exhibition at the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. We were honored to partner with them and produce a distinct workshop activation.  

Event Activation

In tandem with Sonos and Dubspot, we brought together artists and educators to present a workshop; combining timeless records with the latest in music technology. We created an event that was educational, cultural, and paid homage to Blue Note’s benefaction to a generation.  Instructor Marc De Clive Lowe sampled directly from vinyl to create live remixes of classic songs like Donald Byrd’s Think Twice and spinning wheel by Lonnie Smith. He exhibited modern production techniques for a live audience  while demonstrating how to chop, sequence, and process jazz records on the fly.  This live improvisation prompted a discussion of how to approach sampling and creating remixes…