Branding / Marketing / Video Content

Curators and Collaborators.

RVDIOVCTIVE is collective based out of Brooklyn, NY hosting underground art and dance parties since 2011. Looking to present a fresh image in branding and general appearance, we enthusiastically took on the project and assessed their needs.  We updated their look to represent their ideas in a clean way.  With them, we determined the importance of appealing to new audiences, whilst staying true to their roots in New York’s underground scene. 

Brand in Context

We created a full branding package for the marketing activation including a unique flyer for PR and Newspapers.

Global Artist Collective

We created a branded animated intro for the video series based on a graphical look with an LA vibe.

Brand Standards

We delivered a package of branding materials including updated logo, new color scheme, fonts, as well as a template for marketing materials as well as a style guide for capturing content with a specific attitude.