Branding / Animation / Editing

We Love Drama.

We approached the rebrand with a big bold typography style. The keywords were meant to convey action, drama and energy. The fast editing style and macro shots combined create a tension and release approach to the network rebrand. This project was created at the ferroconcrete branding agency in Los Angeles. Wrkshop assisted with Art Direction and Design.

Video Identity

The logo was striped of it’s glossy embellishes to promote a cleaner more modern look. The goal of the TV spots was to promote split screen macro shots. The result was a great dramtic contrast between big bold words and split screen footage.

Brand Standards

We created a full brand stardards guide line for how to use the identity package. This included lower thirds, tv spots, and MPAA.

Brand Language

The tone of voice for the redesign was bold, unapologetic and clever.